Insert multiple records with a single query (Oracle)

Warning: I typically only use the method described in this post for TaggedValues, almost every other “add” to the Sparx EA repository requires additions to multiple tables in the underlying database, unless you know what you’re doing I strongly suggest using the API to do additions and updates in your… Read more »

Business Analyst vs. other project roles

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A RACI table I created earlier this year as part of the Business Analysis team’s Service Level Agreement.   The purpose of the RACI and the SLA is to ensure that the other project team members know what the BA team will deliver for them and why, and what their responsibilities… Read more »

Modeling Policies and Directives for Reuse

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Recently I started a new job and have had more time to look at how to create architecture catalogues of elements and diagrams for reuse across projects, and realized that a lot of what I’m doing could also be reused by other Government of Canada and related organizations. I’m going… Read more »

Setting the an Image Asset as an Alternate Image using Sparx’s API

I’ve also been experimenting with image assets, this is what I’ve found so far: You can use the image assets directly in diagrams, they seem to be treated as class elements…. I’ve been in contact with Sparx, and they don’t recommend using image assets directly in you diagram, the intent… Read more »

Tips and Tricks: Creating Diagrams in Sparx EA

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Sparx EA offers numerous ways to create new diagrams, and then add elements and connectors to your diagrams, this blog entry summarizes these different options. Creating a new Diagram in Sparx EA by first selecting a Package or Element in the Project Browser and either: using the Ctrl+Insert Shortcut Key,… Read more »

Tips and Tricks: Diagram Layout using Keyboard Shortcuts in Sparx EA

I spend a lot of my time working on Diagrams in Sparx EA, a few years ago I set up the following keyboard shortcuts to make it quicker (for me anyway) to modify the layout of Elements in my diagrams. In addition to setting up the keyboard shortcuts to help… Read more »

Organizing my projects in Sparx EA

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Updated (2019/03/27): I’ve made some changes, and posted a new blog entry About a year ago I posted about how I started using Sparx EA, and stated that because of the tools flexibility it can be challenging to determine how to organize your work. So I thought I’d share how… Read more »