I hate having to switch from keyboard to mouse, mouse to keyboard, so my preference is to use keyboard shortcuts whenever they are available.   When they are not natively available I’m currently using AutoHotKey to create my own.

The main application I’m using AutoHotKey with is Sparx EA, and created my first AutoHotKey Macro to simplify extracting statements from source documents to improve traceability, and also give me a standard set of shortcut keys for creating new elements.

My AutoHotKey Macro has been updated to support Sparx EA 13, and no longer supports previous versions.

Installing and configuring the Macro

  1. Download and install the latest version of AutoHotKey
  2. Download my AutoHotKey Macro for EA 13
  3. Place it in your My Documents folder and rename the file to AutoHotKey.ahk (remove the .txt)
    • or copy and paste it’s contents to any existing AutoHotKey macro you have
  4. Run AutoHotKey (strongly suggest adding AutoHotKey to your startup menu)
  5. Open Sparx EA
  6. Select a Package in your Package Browser and press [Ctrl + 1] on your number pad
  7. You will see the Dialog “The requested Element was not found”
  8. Pressing “OK” will cause AutoHotKey to loop through different  Toolsets of Elements that your configuration of Sparx EA supports, recording their positions in the menu.   Once this is completed a file AutoHotKeyEA.config will be created in your My Documents folder.  (*Note: You should NOT need to configure AutoHotKey again UNLESS you change what Toolsets you have active/installed)
  9. You should now be able to use my AutoHotKey Macro.
  10. Again, Select a Package in your and press [Ctrl + 1] on your number pad,
    • you should now see the New Element Dialog Box open,
    • the Requirements Toolset should be selected,
    • and the fields filled in for a Business Requirement
  11. You can now type in the name of the new Business Requirement, or hit cancel.

Default HotKeys

The Ctrl Key plus a Key listed in the table below.

HotKey (ctrl+) Sparx EA Element
NumpadAdd (+)
Statement (from a source document, meeting minutes etc.
Numpad1 Business Requirement
Numpad2 Stakeholder Requirement
Numpad3 Constraint (Requirement)
Numpad4 Business Rule (Business and Software Engineering and Ultimate Editions of Sparx EA)
Numpad5 Archimate 3.0 Business Object
Numpad6 Information Requirement
Numpad7 Glossary Term, I use this for Glossaries and Domain Models.
Numpad8 Business Scenario (requires the ToGAF extension)
Numpad9 Business Process Activity (BPMN 2.0).
Find the Element that matches the selected text in the Note or Document Window

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