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Pages under this category describe one or more features I’ve used from Sparx EA’s Automation Interface. In Enterprise Architect you can extend and automate the facilities and functionality through the use of Scripts, the Enterprise Architect Object Model and the Enterprise Architect Add-in Model.

Setting the an Image Asset as an Alternate Image using Sparx’s API

I’ve also been experimenting with image assets, this is what I’ve found so far: You can use the image assets directly in diagrams, they seem to be treated as class elements…. I’ve been in contact with Sparx, and they don’t recommend using image assets directly in you diagram, the intent… Read more »

Keeping diagrams “syncronized” in Sparx EA

As a Business Analyst I’m finding it very useful to have multiple viewpoints of the same diagram whether to show the evolution of an Architecture from the AS-IS through multiple Transitional Stages to the TO-BE, or to focus on a particular path through a Business Process to discuss how a… Read more »