Category Archives: Business Analysis Techniques

Pages under this category describe my thoughts on, and techniques I use when:

  • eliciting requirements that were not previously identified or articulated
  • verifying that what I’ve captured as statements or models correctly represents what I elicited
  • validating that what I was told is needed (in scope and relevant)
  • tracing to the resulting business objects, products, services, interfaces, processes, activities and functions
  • identifying the impacts of changes and defects

Approval Status for Requirements, and other Project Artifacts

Like most Business Analysts, I’m typically not the audience for the different artifacts I create, so I don’t get to decide when what I’m working on is done, or “good enough” for use.  To mange the approval of the artifacts that I create, I’ve found that I use 8 main… Read more »

Importing and tracing from a Source Document using Sparx EA 12

*** Currently there is a Bug in Sparx EA 12.0.1215 that prevents you from using the features in 3.1 and 3.2 *** As a Business Analyst I often reference existing documentation as a source of statements that describe people, processes, requirements, rules etc, included in my analysis.   Early on… Read more »