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Pages under this category describe my thoughts and typical activities as a Business Analysis or the methodologies, tools and techniques I use as a Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst I help an Organization assess if a Project is worth initiating, and if it is, I work as part of a Project team to deliver the Project’s Product(s).    In addition to these blog entries, I’ve also created a BPMN diagram and page that describes my Business Analysis Process for projects.

Approval Status for Requirements, and other Project Artifacts

Like most Business Analysts, I’m typically not the audience for the different artifacts I create, so I don’t get to decide when what I’m working on is done, or “good enough” for use.  To mange the approval of the artifacts that I create, I’ve found that I use 8 main… Read more »

How I started using Sparx EA as my Business Analysis tool of choice

In late 2009 (just before version 8 was released), I began learning how to use Sparx EA.   A different branch in the organization I work for had purchased a few licenses to evaluate using Sparx EA as a Data Modeling tool, they decided to go with a different product, but… Read more »

Why your project should have a BA

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I work for a very small business analysis team in a very large organization, and was recently asked by a project sponsor to support their request for having a Business Analyst as part of their project. Here’s what I wrote (generalized a bit to anonymize it) Simple answer is time… Read more »

Importing and tracing from a Source Document using Sparx EA 12

*** Currently there is a Bug in Sparx EA 12.0.1215 that prevents you from using the features in 3.1 and 3.2 *** As a Business Analyst I often reference existing documentation as a source of statements that describe people, processes, requirements, rules etc, included in my analysis.   Early on… Read more »