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Departmental Plans and Priorities

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Departmental Plans (DP) are expenditure plans for each appropriated department and agency (excluding Crown corporations). They describe departmental priorities, strategic outcomes, programs, expected results and associated resource requirements, covering a three-year period beginning with the year indicated in the title of the report. Projects being undertaken by an organization should… Read more »

Get all Attributes connected to an Element

Sparx EA has the ability to “visually” link a connector between two elements to a start and end at specific attributes under those elements.   A few years ago I dug in to the repository and figured out where and how this information is stored so I can include it in… Read more »

Organizing my projects in Sparx EA (revised)

A few years ago I posted how I’ve been organizing projects in Sparx EA.  Since then I’ve made some refinements that I thought I’d share. The number of main nodes have been reduced to 4: 01 – Sandboxes 02 – Common Area Welcome Best Practices and Guidelines Architecture Catalogue Project… Read more »

Requirements Management Categorizing and Organizing

A few years ago I started organizing the requirements in my projects in a very specific way and that approach has greatly simplified my discussions with project stakeholders.  My definitions roughly align with IIBA’s definitions in their Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), but are more constrained. Under BABOK 3.0… Read more »

Get related Elements with a single query (Oracle)

When working with Sparx EA I often want to generate a report to discuss a set of Elements in the context of their relationship to other elements. I’ve made the following query that returns: Connected Elements: to the current element (current <- other) Connected Elements: from the current element (current… Read more »

Unit Testing for Sparx EA Scripts

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Over the years I’ve created several scripts and script libraries to automate my work in Sparx EA, specially importing new data, and keeping that data in sync with the original source. Because of my job/life there can often be months, between when I first start working on a script and… Read more »

Update multiple records with a single query (Oracle)

Warning: Be very careful using this method to directly update your Sparx EA repository. Most objects in the Sparx EA repository requires updates to multiple tables in the underlying database, unless you know what you’re doing I strongly suggest using the API to do additions and updates in your repository…. Read more »