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My name is Steve Savage.   I decided to create this blog to capture and share what I’ve learned over my career applying business analysis and business architecture, and the tips, tricks and tools I’ve developed for working with Sparx EA as my primary requirement management and modeling tool.

I strongly believe that good Business Analysis, ideally in support of good Enterprise Architecture, is key to identify the root causes of business problems, and ensuring that right solution(s) are implemented for the right problems.

My plan for this blog is to focus on describing what standards, tools and techniques I use, using real world examples,  describing my successes, the compromises I had to make,  and if necessary how and when I change my mind.

  • For Enterprise Architecture I mainly follow recommendations from The Open Group‘s Architecture Framework (ToGAF), and create my models using their Archimate 3.1 specification, and the Object Management Group‘s Business Motivation Model (BMM) specification.
  • For Business Analysis I follow the recommendations of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) found within their Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABok), and create my models using the Object Management Group‘s Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Unified Modeling Language (UML), occasionally extending the basic UML classes to support specific needs, such as modeling a Data Dictionary, and Domain Model.
  • For Project Management I mainly follow the recommendations of Prince2, using Archimate‘s Implementation and Migration extension to model product breakdowns (deliverables), and work packages, and for tracking tasks, issues etc, and Microsoft Project for scheduling.  I’m begun experimenting with using the Maintenance Toolbox in Sparx EA combined with Kanban diagrams to assigning tasks within the model.
  • For Requirements Management and my Model Repository I use Sparx EA, and have created a standard package structure for organizing my projects, extensions to the base tool using the Sparx API, and various Reporting Templates to publish the information in the Sparx EA Repository.

In my mind there is not such thing as an “IT” project, there are only business projects that may require one or more Information Technology deliverable.


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    Hi Steven,

    I have really enjoyed reading your personal website and as an EA I am happy that you present such a joined up model view of the BA landscape. I have used Sparx for quite a few years and I’m a fan in some ways now preferring ABACUS as a tool over Sparx for the metamodel and roadmapping capabilities. I like your BA process model and want to use this for a group of BAs that I have under my wing. Would you be prepared to provide me with an ArchiMate model of this that I can import please? I am also looking for any other models, processes around business analysis that I can use. Best regards, Peter Watson.


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